The museum is located in the historical old town and is therefore only accessible on foot.

Arrival by car

The museum has no car park of its own.
The nearest car part is:
P1 - Am Friedrich-Hörner-Weg (coaches, trucks and cars)

There are more parking facilities at the signposted car parks:
P2 - Nördlinger Strasse (coaches, cars and motorhomes)
P3 - Schweinsdorfer Strasse (coaches, trucks, cars and motorhomes)
P4 - Am Hornburgweg (cars only)
P5 - Am Bezoldweg (cars only). You will find more information here.

Arrival by public transport

If you are arriving by train, the museum is only a 15 minute walk away in the direction of Innenstadt/Marktplatz (town centre/market square).

Deutsche Bahn (German Railways)

Click the travel button of the Deutsche Bahn to plan your trip to the Medieval Crime Museum (or to Rothenburg).

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